July 20, 2011


Konnichiwa minna-san! It's been a while since I last posted XDD

Just wanna tell you that I'm going to school now and will be very busy with school works. That is why I just want to let you know that... the GazettE will be releasing a new single called REMEMBER THE URGE on August 31st. 

As always, there will be two types:

REMEMBER THE URGE -Optical Impression-

REMEMBER THE URGE -Auditory Impression-

And, they will also be releasing  their fifth album called TOXIC.

Plus another live tour VENOMOUS CELL:

What a very busy schedule XDD Let's just hope the best for them ^^

Sayonara minna-san ^^

June 15, 2011

Sayonara D'espairsRay...

D'espairsRay has officialy disband today. Hizumi isn't getting better from his throat problem, so they decided that they will disband. D'espairsRay has been on hiatus since 2010 due to Hizumi's throat problem.

My opinion-
I've known this band when I opened my friend's DA account. I saw a group called D'espairsRay that she's watching. So yesterday, I bought two of their CD: Immortal and MIRROR. I've fallen in love with them when I heard DAMNED this morning. So I liked their official Facebook page. And how surprise when the GazettE's admin posted this evening that D'espairsRay has disbanded... I felt rather guilty to know it.
Let's just hope that our favorite VK band won't disband.

June 14, 2011



Kasa wa sasazu ni iru
Amaoto-tachi odoru warutsu wo
Kata de kanjite itakute ima hitomi wa tojita

Tsumetaku natte shimau hodo
Tashika ni kanjiru ondo wa
Mune de moeru aoi hi no you de

Mata aishiteru to itte arifureta kotoba
Todokanai todokanai kimi no senaka
Mou sakenda negai mo ame ni nagasarete
Wasurerarenu mama

Bara wa chiri kaketa ne amai itami nokosu omoide
Osoi koto wa nai hazude mata aruki dasukara
Tenohira ni nokoru kaori wo wasurete shimau sono mae ni
Sujigaki sae kaki kaete yuku yo
Mata negaeba kizutsuki namida wa taenai
Wakatteru wakatteru boku no yowasa
Demo kimi ni fureta koto sugoshita kisetsu wo
Muda ni shitakunai

Kazoe kirenai yo kimi ga kureta mono
Kioku no naka de semete soba ni itai
Kanashimi wo keshite itoshisa wo keshite
Raku ni narerareru nara wasurerareru kana

Mata aishiteru to itte arifureta kotoba
Todokanai todokanai kimi no senaka
Mou sakenda negai mo yagate niji ni nari
Hikari ga sasu made


The umbrella laid without being raised
The sounds of the rain were dancing a waltz
Because i want that feeling on the shoulder, I closed my eyes

To the extent that it's cold, the temperature I felt was surely
Like the blue flame burning in my chest

Not too late, too late, too late

Say I love you once more
Those common words, I can't convey, I can't deliver, towards your back
The wish I already cried out too, was washed away by the rain, until it becomes forgotten

The roses had stopped falling, hadn't they
The sweet pain left in the memories
There aren't supposed to be things that are "late"
Because I advanced forward again

I forget the fragance left in my palm, but before that
I'll rewrite even that plot

Not too late, too late, too late

Again, if I wished for it, I'll get hurt, the tears won't stop
I know, I know, my weakness
But the fact that I've touched you, and even the passed seasons, I don't want them to be meaningless

You know, I can't count the things I received from you
At the very least I want to be by your side, in my memories

Erase the sadness, erase the love
I wonder if I can be at ease, I wonder if I can forget

Not too late, too late, too late

Say I love you again
Those common words, I can't convey, I can't deliver them to your back
The wish I already cried out too, finally becomes a rainbow, until the light shines on it

June 8, 2011

BLUE FLAME and Uruha

For you A9 lovers, good news cause BLUE FLAME has been released ^0^

And for you GAZEROCKERS, it is Uruha's birthday in Japan so let's start celebrating it and spread the good news!! ^^
He's turning 30 today (and tomorrow since the time is different... XDD)

Congrats to Alice Nine and Happy Birthday to Uruha

~PS Company rocks!~

June 7, 2011

2 more days until Uruha-san's birthday!

Hey Gazerockers!! It's 2 more days until our lead guitarist's birthday! ^^
Have you prepare your gifts yet? Well, I have :)
Stay in touch with my DA account to find out more about my "sadly I can't give it to him" birthday gift: http://ka-chan34.deviantart.com